• Achieving a Perfect Score in Google PageSpeed Insights

    I’ve been thinking about performance a lot recently, especially since Google are apparently ranking “faster” sites higher in their indexes. So, I decided to take a look into what it might take to get this site to the holy grail of 100/100 in the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. With a few code adjustments I’m pleased to say I achieved it, so I wanted to share the things I did to get there.

  • Migrating from Beanstalk to Bitbucket (and Deploybot)

    I recently migrated a ton of repositories from Beanstalk to Bitbucket (with Deploybot for deployments), so I wanted to share my thoughts on the process.

  • What to do when you lose your personal domain

    Late last year I went to make some updates to my personal website, and got the shock of my life. My simple, modest website had been replaced with something that looked like a Microsoft Frontpage template. At first I thought I’d been hacked, but then my worst fear was confirmed — I had failed to renew my domain, and someone else had swooped.

  • Using a custom domain with Jekyll and Github Pages

    By default, Github Pages have a .github.io domain, but wouldn’t it be cool to use your own custom domain? Well my friend, it’s your lucky day.

  • Building a website with Jekyll and Github Pages

    I’ve heard a lot of people talking about GitHub Pages recently, so I decided to find out what the fuss was about. If you’ve been hiding under rock like me, Github Pages allow you to host a website directly from a Github repository — no separate hosting account necessary. It also integrates with Jekyll — a simple, blog-aware, static site generator — so getting a website up and running couldn’t be easier.

  • Deploying Magento 2 with Composer and Envoyer

    A complete guide to deploying a Magento 2 site using Composer and Envoyer, with zero(ish) downtime.

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